The best-read travel stories of 2016


1. The 50 best beaches in the world

Beaches are good for many things, and not just lazing on, as it happens. Which is why this comprehensive selection doesn’t take the shore and simple route; instead it divides the list into categories: wow factor; wild and remote; best for families; best in the UK; best for backpackers; action and adventure beaches – and even city beaches.

2. 10 of the best alternative city breaks in Europe

Go with the flow or swim against the tide? Sometimes picking the destination that’s not-quite-so-well travelled can bring holiday happiness. This roundup said “meh” to Madrid and put the spotlight on cities including Wrocław, Tallinn, Graz, Valletta … and Girona.

3. 20 great UK walks with pubs, chosen by nature writers

The great outdoors, followed by good food and drink indoors, was this article in a nutshell (see, keeping the nature vibe), which featured contributions from Rob Cowen, Katharine Norbury, Oliver Balch and Des Garrahan.

4. Is this the best pizza in the world?

Everyone wants a slice of the action, yes? Despite it being one of the most straightforward of culinary creations, the search for pizza perfection is hotter than a wood-fired oven in … well, hotter than a wood-fired oven. This article was almost as well commented on as it was read and came close to “topping” our 2016 list. Ouch!

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